I like taking photos, they're kinda lame and not that special but enjoy!

2014 find me in Hawai'i, San Diego, DC, Egypt, Florida, Eugene + Alaska

hawai'i see you in '15

hey it’s caspersen beach 
shark teeth anyone?
I consider the waves of the ocean to be nature’s greatest playground. Whether I’m riding, watching, playing, or photographing the waves I can never get sick of them. 
ixche-l: I've been hating the Tampa area for a while but your photos make it look like a place I could actually like...

Yeah same it kinda killed me moving to Tampa. While it’s is nothing like Hawaii or San Diego I’ve really tried making the most of it. Madison blue springs has probably been the reddest place so far I’ve been so. There weren’t any alligators or flesh eating bacteria in the water so that was awesome

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Missin those north shore sunsets
jah (behappyalwayssmile)
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dooble rainbow all the way